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Florida Skies Lit Up by a Green Fireball

A glowing green fireball east of Tallahassee, Florida sparked almost 250 witness studies for the American Meteor Society throughout some states. The massive flash occurred on Saturday (March 30) at 11:52 p.m. native time, according to the society’s event sighting page. It was seen in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, and presumably sighted as far north as Virginia.

Some witnesses reported the fireball being seen for 20 seconds, though the majority noticed it as a briefer flash of merely 3.5 seconds, in line with the sightings web page. “The light from the burning meteor was so bright that it created shadows for some seconds before the light went out,” read a report from

Earth is pelted with hundreds of thousands of tons of mud and rocks from space yearly. Underneath some circumstances, because the particles enter the ambiance, it creates a “shooting star” or meteor. The very brightest ones appear to be fireballs within the sky. Usually, the house particles burn up harmlessly excessive up within the environment; sometimes, although, a fireball will produce some fragments that attain the bottom. There was no indication on the AMS web site if any meteorites (pieces of space rock) have been present in affiliation with the fireball.

Bigger area rocks, asteroids, and comets do often hit Earth’s environment — one distinguished instance is the 6 story-building-size object that slammed into Earth over Russia in 2014, inflicting accidents. NASA and different worldwide businesses are on the hunt for the very largest of these cosmic intruders and have discovered no imminent threats to our planet up to now.