Our Staff:

Colin Mitchell

Category: Business
Email: [email protected]

Did you know that Hubspot says most people spend less than 15 seconds on a web page? The window to grab someone’s attention is short! That means no more “Welcome to my website!” You’ve got to get straight into the good stuff. Website content is most of what I do - both static pages and blog content - but I also help clients with video scripts, articles, case studies (customer success stories) brochures, and more. Writing in a friendly, conversational tone is what I do best. I help my clients connect with their customers by using this easy-to-read tone on their website and in their marketing materials. There’s simply no room for stuffy, jargon-filled “business writing” anymore. I’m also an editor who works with authors who want to make their work better. I do everything from proofreading to developmental editing. For nonfiction writers, I help with structure and flow. For fiction writers, I give detailed feedback on character development, story, stakes, pace, usage, and more.

Marge Baldwin - Company

Category: Company
Email: [email protected]

Expert in resume, LinkedIn, bio, and business writer for executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. Whether you’re building a brand or climbing the corporate ladder, the right message is critical – and so is reaching the right audience. It’s easier for a resume to pass through the eye of a needle than to thread the HR screening process and land an interview in today’s competitive job market. As a professional resume writer and formerly an agency headhunter, contract HR recruiter, and Fortune 500 hiring manager, my experience can enhance YOUR experience – and get it past the gatekeepers and in front of the decision makers.

Eden Dunce - Science

Category: Science
Email: [email protected]

I’ve been an editor, proofreader and print/digital designer since 2006. No matter what content you have in mind, I’ll do my best to satisfy your needs. In the past, I’ve worked in book publishing, and on online and digital content. I produce books, articles, blog posts, workbooks, interactive PDFs and many more content types.

Angie Barnes - Technology

Category: Technology
Email: [email protected]

A top 0.5% company, for your memoir or a novel you’ve been planning for years, or for a business book, we simply know what needs to be said. Whether you have an idea in your head or a book you can’t quite finish; we’re here to help with your writing. Maybe your book needs a bit of a polish or is finished but you want a fresh pair of eyes; we are here to help with your editing. Whatever your needs, including advice on publishing. We can help you realize your dreams and make your book a reality. Books are our passion and this very much encompasses helping and coaching new writers. For the business side of our work, such as writing and editing business books, we offer over 35 years business experience, across areas such as organizational change, business transformation and leadership.